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91% - B2B Marketers Use Content Marketing



71% of B2B content marketers use case studies.

61% of B2B content marketers use white papers
59% of B2B content marketers use webinars or webcasts


*Content Marketing Institute - Benchmark Report 2013


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Whether you write your white papers yourself, or use our panel of experienced, knowledgeable writers, your topical industry information stands a greater chance of reaching decision-makers, since it delivers tangible value.

CloudTweaks has long been recognized as an authority in the world of cloud technology. A listing in our white paper directory gives your organization an additional boost of credibility and stickiness and also puts you in with some great company.

In a world overflowing with email, websites and tweets, it can be a challenge for your customers to locate authoritative, well-researched and useful information. That’s where white papers come in. White papers represent credibility. They deliver facts, figures and intelligence, rather than marketing hype or opinion.


Top B2B Content Marketing Tactics in Use